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Participants can now access the meeting information, such as meeting ID and password, when sharing their screen. This information can be accessed from the toolbar, under the More option.

  • In 2011, one of Google’s April Fools’ Day jokes centered on the use of Helvetica.
  • If a user attempted to search for the term "Helvetica" using the search engine, the results would be displayed in the font Comic Sans.
  • Because of the distortion problems, Adobe dropped Helvetica Narrow in its release of Helvetica in OpenType format, recommending users choose Helvetica Condensed instead.
  • Erik Spiekermann was the design consultant and designed the literature for the launch in 1983.
  • Helvetica Narrow is a version where its width is between Helvetica Compressed and Helvetica Condensed.
  • Figures were widened and some condensed weights changed from having nearly flat-sided verticals to a more continuous curve throughout the entire height.

Channel admins and members can now add external users into their public channels. In order to do so, the channel admin must enable this privacy setting, which is available when creating or editing a channel or adding a member. For the sake of security, this new privacy option to add external users will be turned off by default for both private and public channels and admins must opt into it. Channel admins can even edit these privacy controls while adding the new user at the same time, thus enhancing privacy awareness for all of our customers. The Zoom client now supports Italian and Vietnamese. By default, Zoom will match the operating system’s language if supported and users can manually select a language of their choice. To allow easier access, Passcode and Waiting Room settings are displayed under the Security section when scheduling a new meeting.

This can be enabled at the account, group or user level and locked for the account and groups. Users on a call using an assigned desk phone will have their in-call status synced with the Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App. Other phone users will be able to see the in-call status. Users can now reply with an image, file, voice message, or code snippet, in addition to text and emoji replies. When scheduling a meeting, users on Zoom client 4.6.11 will be required to set a password that meets the requirements set by their account owner or admin set in the Zoom web portal. Users will no longer be able to privately chat with other members of the same channel if they are not on the same Zoom account or organization. To continue chatting with contacts outside of their Zoom account, they can add them as external contacts.

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Call recordings will stop when users merged calls to start a three-way call. Zoom Phone will now display the number of missed calls and voicemails across all platforms that support the Zoom desktop client or mobile app. _channel can be used to link to another channel. If users click on the name of the channel, they can be redirected to it. Account owners and admins can now limit screen sharing to the host only.

When experiencing a weak 3G/4G signal, users in a Zoom Phone call can switch the call to their phone’s carrier. Users can search and call auto receptionists, call queues, and common area phones using the search bar above the Zoom Phone dial pad. They will also appear in the contacts directory.

Outgoing calls to 911 or 933 will now automatically use the device’s phone carrier instead of Zoom Phone. Before joining a meeting with video on, users will now be shown their video preview and given the options to join with or without video. They can also check to always join with video without displaying the preview first. If a user has direct phone numbers, they can easily copy it from the Zoom Phone settings. Slash Commands will now display descriptions and usage hints before being selected to help users more easily identify the command they need. For newly created Zoom users, started or scheduled meetings will use PMI if the web settings Use PMI for Scheduled Meetings and Use PMI for Instant Meetings are enabled. Users can select an issue and enter a description when sending a phone diagnostic report to Zoom.

Users can now upload or download files from Microsoft SharePoint. The user and channel mention search now appears above the keyboard and allows you to quickly tap the contact or channel to select. Channel and group chat admins can manage the posting permissions to choose who can send messages in their channel or group chat. They can choose to select everyone, admin only, or admin plus specific users.

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Users will now receive push notifications of contact requests from the Zoom mobile app. Zoom Phone will now display a notification if it detects a device error. For example, when the audio device is not connected.


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